Various Beetleborgs Commercials
rt_emily_nguyen wrote in beetleborgsfans
Hey guys, sorry for being dead for over a month. I still haven't finalized my Beetleborgs biased Power Morphicon 2012 report (awesome awesome con btw), but I'll try to get that as soon as possible!

Anyway, here are some Beetleborgs Commercials that you may have not already seen! Enjoy!!!

Big Bad Beetleborgs 'Curse of the Shadow Borg' VHS commercial

Starring the Hillhurst Monsters, Count Fangula, Frankenbeans, and Mums

Many Many Beetleborgs Commercials

1:10 to 1:40 -- Big Bad Beetleborgs Fox Kids promo (cool rock music)
8:22 to 8:51 -- Big Bad Beetleborgs Action Figures (you've seen this before: )
11:39 to 12:09 -- You've seen this one already

German Big Bad Beetleborgs Trailer Promo

German Big Bad Beetleborgs Commercial 1

German Big Bad Beetleborgs Commercial 2

That's all folks!

...I still haven't updated all the tags in this blog....gawd dammit....



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